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Why do you say your are best essay writing website in U.S?

For several years now, we have received largest number of positive reviews in BBB.org and SiteJabber compared with other essay writing companies and that make us believe we are on top of our game. We also have more than 80% returning customers who have faith and trust in our essay writing assistance. Thousands of students every year rely on our essay model answers to write their own essays

Can I hire an essay writer online?

Yes, you can. We have thousands of custom essay writers with diverse skills and knowledge in different subjects. Our writers are also conversant with more than 10 different academic writing citations that inlcude APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, Oxford, ACA among others. Any topic or subject is possible

Here are a few subjects that are very popular

  • Nursing Essays
  • History Essays
  • Geography Essays
  • Law Essays
  • Pyschology Essays
  • Sociology Essays
  • Capstone Essays
  • Geology Essay
  • Biochemistry Essays
  • Physiology
  • Literature Essay
  • Liguistic Essays
  • Grammar Essays
  • Religious Essays
  • Among others

Do you do PowerPoint presentations?

Yes we do! We have several academic writers on our research team who specialize in creating PowerPoint presentations. Whether your needs are professional or academic, we have writers with the experience to create quality custom presentations in almost any field or academic subject area.

I study in UK. Can you write my paper using UK English?

Yes, our writers are capable of writing in both American and British English. Actually we have British native writers as well.

Do you use any pre-written works? Do you keep old essays in your system to use more than once?

Never. Every paper is original. It is because of this approach that there is virtually no chance that your paper could be duplicated by anyone other than you. As far as keeping old papers is concerned, we never, EVER, recycle our papers, regardless of the situation.

Can I cancel the order after I pay for it?

Once the assigned writer has begun your project, we cannot cancel your order. Our paper writers put in a great deal of time and effort to research and write each paper they complete, and they deserve to be compensated for their efforts.This is even a requirement of the law. Just the same way you would not accept to labor in vain, same way you should expect our writers to be treated

How would I pay for the service?

You can pay through PayPal or by any major credit/debit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express). Alternatively, you can send a check, money order, or pay by bank transfer. For international customers where credit card payments are still problematic, we can arrange for Western money transfer or Money Gram

How long does it take to get my assignment completed?

The answer depends upon the length and other specifications of your assignment. Ideally, one academic writer prefers to have at least one day per five pages (1,500+ words) ordered. Academic writing unlike article and other form of writing follows strict guideline and verification of facts and therefore need more time to research and put the ideas together.

Why should I choose your writing services over the competition?

It is well known that majority of our competition uses pre-written academic papers stored in their databases. They simply copy and paste certain sentences and keywords from pre-written papers, and then claim they composed an original documents just for you. This process takes them no more than an hour or two, whereas we sometimes spend an hour or two just determining the concept of your assignment

Is writing assignments for students ethical?

We strongly believe so. Although school systems were initially designed to further student's practical knowledge, somewhere along the way, this mind-set got lost, and instead, trivialities that dealt with education very little or not at all began to determine a student's grade. I am sure you understand what I mean. Therefore, every point counts, and we intend to get the student every point possible through providing them with research guidance and model answers

Can I trust you?

Absolutely. We are well aware that we are in a business where reputation and repeated custom writing orders are essential to our success and survival, and if even a single academic writer plagiarizes, our reputation is severely tarnished, and business will suffer. Thus, each and every order is our priority, and we only contract writers that we know we can trust, and will treat each order as a priority as well.We also scan all orders for plagiarism to ensure our papers are original

Can I see some samples of your writing?

For samples of our writing, check: Samples Academic Papers

Who are BestEssaysExperts?

BestEssaysExperts.com is not owned by an individuals, but many entities. We are graduates, and educators of U.S, Canadian, and UK colleges and universities, who share common educational ideals and philosophies. Mjority of us have taught university level courses, and many of us are published in academic publications. In addition, we participate in the Online Education Tutoring Program, which allows us the opportunity to interact with students and graduates alike in an anonymous way.

What kind of academic papers do you write?

As long as a subject has English and Spanish languages sources, we can write about it! No problem. The same is true for custom academic editing and proofreading, we are able to edit any English or Spanish language work. We fill requests for all kinds of original term papers and essays: admissions (both undergraduate and gradate, including MBA and nursing), scholarships, expository, argumentative and more. In addition, we write custom research papers, book reports and reviews (both fiction and non-fiction), custom PhD theses and Doctoral proposals AND dissertations, abstracts, executive summaries, coursework, term projects, and speeches. Further more, we also offer creative writing, including original poetry and plays!

Can I contact my assignment writer directly?

It is in your best interests to make all requests to your assignment writer via email, to ensure that a written record of your instructions exists. However, in rare cases, you may also arrange phone communication between you and your contracted academic writer.

How does your custom writing services work?

It's easy and simple - complete our online order form, including all the important details. You will be guided by the onscreen instructions. When you choose to make payment, Bestessaysexperts.com will process it and send a confirmation email, introducing your writer and providing their email address. Your professional assignment writer will begin the project. From this point on, you'll be able to communicate directly with him or her. Once finished, your assigned writer will send you the completed project directly to your email.

What hours do you offer live customer service support?

Our live support is normally 24/7 unless there is a very high traffic compared to our live support operators. We strive to ensure you can reach us through our live support service any time of the day or night
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