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Comparison of Entrepreneurship Scenario in India, China and USA

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Entrepreneurship scenario in India

In the late sixties and early seventies, India attempted to create entrepreneurs from the non- traditional societies so as to alleviate monopoly of the larger groups and diversify the country’s entrepreneurial base. This movement was facilitated by the state of Gujarat. During these year, the most important resources were credit (finance) and managerial capabilities. However, by seventies, the credit were only accessible to well established merchants and industrialist with guaranteed success and sufficient credit securities

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Waitrose Supermarkets

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Waitrose is a united kingdom based chain of supermarkets dealing in grocery retail; it was founded by Waite Wallace, Arthur Rose and David Taylor in the year 1904 and the name “Waitrose” formed in 1908. Waitrose with its 10 groceries and over 160 employees was acquired by a famous United Kingdom retailer, John Lewis partnership since the year 1937. The first white rose supermarket was set up in 1955; currently, white rose has emerged the sixth largest supermarket in the United Kingdom with 241 branches, 18000 stock lines. The image and reputation of Waitrose is very good because it produces products which possess the following qualities; very fresh, safe, better home delivery services and good services to the customers; this is the main reason why the customers of Waitrose will always remain loyal (Oppapars, 2009).

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The personal protective equipment (PPE)

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All work places experience hazards, but they occur in different forms depending on the operations within the workplace; the workplace accident within work places can occur as a result of electrical accidents, accidents from sharp objects, objects which may be falling from high places, inhalation or ingestion of some chemicals which are poisonous, noise pollution or any other dangerous situation within the workplace which may lead to accidents. The OSHA requirements have developed policies which ensure that every worker is protected from accidents by their respective employees within their workplaces. The safest protection to be provided to the employees against these hazards is achieved through the prevention of these hazards right from their sources (Stroz, 304). The high level protection can be obtained when the standards set by OSHA are well adhered to, it recommends control practices and management or reduction of these hazards to very low levels. Just to mention but a few, some of the examples of the standards set include; construction barriers should be installed between all the workers and the possible causes of accidents, what is categorized as the engineering control measures; the other category is the controls in the work practices, which involve the precautions such as a change in the manner in which the employees carry out themselves within their respective work places. However, it is worth noting that practices such as administrative controls, engineering control practices and measures may fail to provide the optimum protection needed. In such cases where these measures fail to work, it becomes the role of the employees to make available the equipment which are meant to provide the personal protection to the employees (PPE), and at the same time making sure that they are effectively used (Stroz, 305).

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Homosexuality and Society

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Homosexuality which refers to the sexual attraction which takes place between members of the same sex has been an issue of debate in many societies. Many societies look upon homosexuality in various ways. The right or wrong argument about homosexuality based on the individuals level of education, religious beliefs of people, the work places and the race (Williams).

Question one:

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Video Gaming

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With the rapidly developing technology, the video gaming industry has evolved from the initial two dimension games to a more complex, realistic, speedy and life-like experience. Despite this development, there is heated debate on whether the technology is beneficial or harmful, more so to the minors. However, the benefits of playing these video games outweigh the possible adverse effects. This essay will discuss the beneficial effects of playing video games.

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Service Marketing

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Knowledge of the competitive strategies employed by competitors is significant in the success of any business. There are a number of hotels in the neighborhood of Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains that pose competition to the hotel. This research paper will analyze the various marketing strategies employed by the two main competitor hotels in the quest to attract customers.

Waldorf Leura Gardens Blue Mountains

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Florida Black Bear

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The Florida black bear (Ursus americanus floridanus) is a constituent of the larger black bear species (Ursus americanus). Historically, the bear dominated a good part of Florida and the neighboring states. Currently, this rare species occupies only a small portion of Florida. The bear was included in the list of endangered species in 1974. Due to intensified human activities, the survival of these bears has been threatened. There has been an impeding conflict between the bears and humans in relation to garbage, feeding, and hunting. Therefore to manage these bears, there is a need to understand the interaction between ecological and the social environments. As such, it will be possible for a peaceful coexistence between these bears and the people. This research paper will focus on the significance of conserving this rare species, and the various strategies used to make the conservation successful.

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Should Students Have Open Campus Lunch Periods?

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Open lunch periods will allow students leave school to take their lunch in restaurants. The practice should not be allowed in schools because its negative aspects far outweigh its positive. This is because the practice will adversely affect the general life of the students. This paper explains why the practice should not be allowed in school.

Should Students Have Open Campus Lunch Periods?

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Is Neorealism a Superior Theoretical Approach to Classical Realism?

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The analysis of global international politics and international relations requires significant insights on the basic frameworks that define each identity. For instance, a comparison between the Democrats and Republicans in the US, or the Conservative party versus the Labour party in the United Kingdom, goes beyond the intrinsic beliefs and ideals of members of the parties, to involve the distinct ideologies that define the parties. Similarly, an analysis of a country’s foreign policy may take the ideological perspectives of the ruling party. These illustrations demonstrate the essence of International Relations theories or perspectives in understanding such operations. The changing dynamics of global politics, both within and across territorial borders, has influenced development of these theoretical perspectives into new forms. The emergence of these new ideologies raises the question on whether the new versions of the ideologies are superior to the original structures and principles that laid the foundation for the ideology. The questions arise out of the uncertainties associated with the two sets of ideologies identified as one. This analysis seeks to answer this question, by comparing Neorealism with Classical realism, therefore identify any superiorities or inferiorities between the two ideologies (Rathbun, 2007, pp.533-557)

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Transforming Evidence: WHO Surgical Safety Checklist

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Surgery is increasingly becoming an important process of treatment for various diseases. The risks associated with this process necessitated the formulation of surgical safety checklist by the WHO. In the analysis of the merits, obstacles, implementation, and criticism of the WHO safety checklist, a number of resources will be used. Also, the benefits accrued from the use of the WHO surgical checklist will be highlighted. In addition, the weaknesses of the WHO checklists are elucidated, prompting the analysis and evaluation of alternative surgical checklists.

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