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One of the most scarring is spying on us through mobile phone surveillance. Unfortunately, cell phones were not designed for privacy and security hence states are collecting data from private communication companies without disclosing its intention. Governments have been hacking millions of phone user yearly hence invading their privacy. Through phone surveillance, the government can get access to your messages, calls, and all your social media network accounts. States claim this is an innovative way to help security agent’s ion tracking cell phones used by the suspect to gather evidence. However, without more details about how technology works and when it is supposed to be used it is unclear since it may be used to violate citizens constitutional right or whether its good investment for taxpayers. These have damaged trust between stated and its citizens or communication and its customers.

In my opinion, surveillance is crucial but some new laws should be created to protect the citizen against their privacy. Security department should also disclose details about surveillance technology they are using to sweep up basic cellphone data from the entire neighborhood. Moreover, people should have facts on what governments are doing to them.


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