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Should Students Have Open Campus Lunch Periods?

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To begin with, open lunch programs would adversely affect the health of the students. This is because most students would only consume food from the fattening fast food. The fast foods offer food with low nutritional value than that that would be offered in school. However, in the closed-campus lunch the schools have control over the food the students consume. Open lunch periods should therefore be banned from schools (Shawver, 2013).


econdly, open lunch periods would monetarily hurt the students. Students will be forced to chip in extra money so that they can pay for the meals as well as transportation to the restaurants. Furthermore, the students are forced to buy food at exorbitant rates from the restaurants. On the other hand, closed lunch periods the students will save cash because the food served in school cafeteria is cheap (Shawver, 2013).

Lastly, open lunch periods will give students the freedom of skipping afternoon school sessions. When the students leave for their lunch, the naughty students would not return to school. To add on, the students may encounter some problem on their way that would delay them and thus make them late for school. Even though, most students will be responsible enough to return to school, it will be difficult for them to deal with the challenges (Shawver, 2013).

From the above it is evident that the negative impacts of open lunch periods far outweigh their positive impacts. This can be concluded from the fact that the negative impacts will be many and outweigh the positives. The practice should not be implemented.


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