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Service Marketing

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Knowledge of the competitive strategies employed by competitors is significant in the success of any business. There are a number of hotels in the neighborhood of Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains that pose competition to the hotel. This research paper will analyze the various marketing strategies employed by the two main competitor hotels in the quest to attract customers.

Waldorf Leura Gardens Blue Mountains

Waldorf Leura Gardens Blue Mountains offers a number of services in the aim of attracting new customers and maintaining old ones. Among them are the winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding. In addition to these activities, the hotel offers hospitality, food and beverages and call center. Additionally, the facility offers day care and conference facilities. All these are accompanied by experienced guides who enhance customer experience (Hudson, 2008). To facilitate marketability, these services are posted in the major advertising centers where potential customers can easily access them. The hotel also uses the strategy of person to person advertisement where the visitors are rewarded with a pack of literature describing the various services offered by the facility. This literature has a high possibility of being seen by a colleague, who may be potential visitors in future. This coupled with the open days markets the hotel to a great extent. The prices of the services offered by the hotel are very competitive. The accommodation fee ranges from $ 300 per night which is much lower compared to many hotels in the Blue Mountains. Coupled to this is the quantity discount offered to loyal customers that enhance customer experience further (Coon, 2005). The hotel has been in the market for a considerable amount of time hence the rich customer experience. Also, the frequent seminars offered to the employees enhances their expertise, hence the customer experience.

Comfort Inn Redleaf Resort

Comfort Inn Redleaf Resort is the other major hotel that poses severe competition to Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains. The hotel offers the least accommodation prices per night ranging from $100. The management realized the fact that all the visitors who come to the hotel have varying financial status (Armstrong & Kern, 2011). Therefore the accommodation facilities offered are designed in such a way that visitors of varying economic backgrounds have a choice to select from. The hotel has extensively utilized the web to advertise its services which has enhanced its publicity. Surprisingly, contrary to the other hotels that raise their prices during peak periods, the hotel prices are significantly lower during such periods. By so doing, the hotels gains the advantage of numbers. The hotel has been in operation for over five years and hence the staff has substantial experience in handling customers. Additionally, the resort offers outside catering facilities, which is one of its kinds in the region (Clydesdale, 2007). This is becoming very popular with the visitors who are busy viewing the sites during the day.


Knowledge of the competitive strategies employed by a competitor is crucial in the success of any business. The hotels in the neighborhood of Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains pose significant competition to the resort. With the knowledge of the types and qualities of services offered by these competitors, the resort is in a position to better its approach in the market.


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