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Video Gaming

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Video games have a significant influence on the learning capacity of an individual. These games have been found to promote some social activity and teamwork. According to Scott these games give a good chance for the parents and the kids to play together which is a crucial source of the family bond (18). In relation to this, these children also establish important friendship bonds with the colleagues they play with. They also learn important lessons more so in valuing ideas of others, plan formulation, and task distribution based on the varying skills among them. Additionally these games are crucial in initializing international friendships. This is more so effected by the games played internationally. In addition to making international friends, these international games go a long way in making these kids appreciate cultural diversity. Studies have revealed that video games such as shooter games enhance the cognitive and problem-solving skills of an individual. Scott also argues that these games are effective study tools (16). Accordingly, children who play video games have eased in learning how to code more so in Java. Research has also established that playing fast-paced video games improves one's ability to follow up multiple pieces of visual information and also lowers reaction time. It has also been established that increased awareness derived from playing these games is significant in reducing car accidents while driving. These games are also essential in enhancing concentration that is helpful in a situation where enormous information need to be absorbed in a short duration. Scott also established that video games enhance multitasking skills in children which is essential in grasping concepts in school (18). Children who play these games are capable of resolving virtual conflicts faster. This capability is used in the laboratory to determine the level of attention capability.

According to Luo, Sean, Brennan, & Wittenauer opponents of video gaming point to the increased Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is increasingly becoming evident in children exposed to video games (82). However, there is a lack of sufficient evidence to back the claim. Some people are of the opinion that when children spent a considerable amount of time playing these games they become socially isolated. This will, as a result, have a negative impact on their academic performance more so doing homework. These children are also likely to lose out on other physical activities coupled with limited interaction with friends and family members


Video games have become part of life in the modern world. The view that these games consume a considerable amount of time meant to be used in other activities is refuted by the fact that parents can set a time limit for their children. Hence, parents must play a crucial role in regulating the amount of time spent by their children in playing these games. Rather than focus on the possible adverse effects of the technology, the society should embrace the technology and harness it to reap the many benefits attached.

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