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Marketing Plan of Enchanted Vineyard

Marketing Plan of Enchanted Vineyard Bed and Breakfast.

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Marketing plan

A marketing plan is a written report that provides the blueprint or outline of the organization’s marketing activities including the implementation, control and the evaluation of those activities (Ferrel & Hartline 2012, p. 29). The plan communicates to the customers on the value of the various goods and services that the company has to offer, it also explains how the organization will achieve its goals and objectives (Ferrel & Hartline 2012, p.30). It involves a detailed planning of the activities that are part of the marketing program which result from the marketing strategic choices that were made earlier (Nijssen & Frambach 2013, p. 122). The marketing personnel also evaluate the results and the marketing decisions that have been made in the previous years while comparing it with the strategy that it plans to put in place in the coming year.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Sexually transmitted infections (STI), which are also commonly referred to as sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and the venereal diseases (VD), are infections that are commonly spread between people through sexual intercourse. Most of the STI’s do not initially show any symptoms resulting to a greater risk of spreading the disease to other people. People may not always be aware that they are infected until the actual test results are conducted or they eventually start showing the symptoms of the diseases. STD’s constitute an epidemic that may be controlled that is of a tremendous magnitude with that of an estimated nearly 20 million people acquiring a new STD each year (Weinstock, et al, 2004). The major symptoms and signs of the disease usually include ulcers, vaginal discharge, penile discharge and pelvic pain. Bacterial STI’s include such as syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea. On the other hand viral STI’s include infections such as HIV/AIDS, genital herpes and genital warts.

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Which of the form of surveillance seems the scariest to you?

Surveillance has been there for many years ago whereby the government could collect its citizen fingerprints. States could use this prints to monitor its citizens. In spite of having laws to protect the citizen against government spying, several states have come up with several ways to minimize terror attacks. The most used being using new scientific knowledge, this has changed our daily activities. States are using close observation against its citizens using several methods like biometric monitoring, CCTV, mobile phone surveillance and fingerprints. All these methods are helping states to fight terrorism, but they are also invading our privacy, and some are very scary.

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Acupuncture health care system

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Acupuncture is a health care system from Asian lands that is two thousand years. It is based on energy flow pattern within someone's body that is essential for health. Acupuncture practice is used to heal identifiable pathological conditions in American medicine was rare until it was introduced by President Richard m Nixon when he visited China in 1972. Since then this is increasingly used by American and European countries. We have different methods of acupuncture treatments in America today that incorporate medical traditions from Asian countries. The most studied method employs the use of a thin metallic needle, they are either penetrated into a skin manually or using electrical stimulation.

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Plant and Animal Cells

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Cells are the basic units of life.1“All living things contain cells and the things done by the living organisms are carried out by the cells”. There are two types of cells; eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. Plant and animal cells are eukaryotic cells. Plants and animals are living organisms hence they take nutrients, move, grow and develop, remove waste products and even reproduce. All these functions are performed by cells. Each cell performs its specific functions. Some organisms are unicellular as in bacteria, while the cells of higher organisms are multicellular. 2“Cells of higher organisms contain thousands of different substances arranged in a complex system”. However, there are some differences between plants and animal cells. This paper explores three main differences between plants and animal cells, based on their shapes, organelles they contain and their characristics.

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Maximum Power Point Tracking in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Wind Application Tip

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This paper focuses its attention on the maximum power point tracking in permanent magnet synchronous generator wind application system that operates at its tip speed. To do this, a tow mass model approach will be considered. The proposed method, without requiring the knowledge of wind speed, air density or turbine parameters, generates at its output the optimum speed command for speed control loop of rotor flux oriented vector controlled machine side converter control system using only the instantaneous active power as its input. The optimum speed commands which enable the wind energy to track peak power points are generated in accordance with the variation of the active power output due to the change in the command speed generated by the controller. The concept is analyzed in a direct drive variable speed permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG).

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